DEFINITION OF FLEXOGRAPHY-Flexography is a method of direct rotary printing that uses resilient relief image plates of rubber or photopolymer material.  The plates are affixable to plate cylinders of various repeat lengths, inked by a cell-structured ink-metering roll, with or without a reverse-angle doctor blade, and carrying a fast drying fluid ink to plates that print onto virtually any substrate, absorbent or nonabsorbent.  Flexography is a rotary printing method which means for every revolution of the printing plate cylinder, an image is produced.

ADVANTAGES OF FLEXOGRAPHY-Best of all, at Dac Labels & Graphic Specialties, Inc. we are able to achieve a level of print quality that rivals even high quality sheet fed printing.

  • It can print on a wide variety of absorbent and nonabsorbent substrates.
  • It uses fast-drying inks, whether solvent, water-base or ultraviolet (UV) curable.
  • It can print wet ink over dry ink to eliminate trapping problems, back-trap contamination and setoff.
  • It uses resilient rubber or photopolymer image carriers that can print millions of impressions.
  • Presses can accommodate a wide range of cylinder repeat lengths to match customer printlength requirements.  Flexography is a near total variable-repeat-length system.
  • Its inking system can deliver a predetermined amount of ink with minimum on-press adjustments.
  • It can print continuous patterns (gift wrap, wallpaper, floor tiles).
  • It can print on extensible plastic films.
  • It can print on the reverse side of stretchable, transparent films.
  • It can perform coating and in-line laminating operations.
  • It is cost effective for many applications.
  • It enables fast turnaround time between jobs.
  • It can do short-run work profitably.
  • Presses can produce in-line, pressure sensitive labels in a continuous operation.
  • Presses can produce many types of projects requiring down line finishing such as:  diecutting, kiss cutting, scoring, perforating, embossing, hole punching, etc.


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